In order to help others you must know yourself!

In helping people understand PTSD, I ask that you answer these questions to get you thinking about your PTSD, how you or others cope on a daily basis, and how you can help others and yourself to do that. If you feel uncomfortable or hesitant to answer please follow your instincts. Just answer as many as you can.

1) How do you cope? What helps you?

2) Have you ever exploded in anger? at work? at family? in public?

3) Do you have insomnia/sleep issues? is it always the same dream?

4) Do you have flashbacks? (examples?) Does the incident(s) repeat sometimes?

5) Do you ever get emotionally numb? (Not that you stop caring, its just that there’s nothing felt at all..?

6) Give an example of your hyper vigilance:

7) Are you easily startled?? Loud noises? Someone slapping your back, tapping your shoulder?

8) Do you have negative thoughts? about what?

9) Ever feel hopeless? Guilty? How does this affect your daily life?

10) Ever engage in self-destructive behavior?? Please give one example of how you gambled on the future..

12) How do your symptoms affect those around you? Family, relationships, friends, co-workers or the public?

11) What do you personally think will help the most to solve the issues around PTSD??

13) What is the intensity of your symptoms?

14) What’s the biggest, most difficult thing to deal with?

15) Tell us how you have been successful at dealing with your PTSD..?



Our mission is to provide information and resources to everyone affected by PTSD.

If you find that you have some or all of the symptoms of PTSD, please consult your physician and/or mental health professional.  

As the founder of Life for 22 Productions, I am a veteran that has encountered, dealt with, succeeded and suffered under the yoke that is PTSD. It does NOT define me. I sought out the symptoms and had a drive to help others so, I started researching and found that the best way to learn is to help others with the same issues. I began interviewing people who have had any contact with PTSD.  We have mothers, spouses, combat veterans, medics, firemen, police officers, those who have gone through fires, rape,  death of loved ones and natural disasters etc.

I am always seeking more stories to tell, because we are learning and together we can all be stronger. I am also putting together the best site for PTSD resources nationwide and by state.  So we can all know and find help when we need it. 

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